Some of the answers to our most frequently asked questions can be found here:

We charge a flat weekly rate of $200/child 18 months and older, and $250/week for children under 18 months of age. Our daily rates are $42/day for children aged 18 months and up and $53/day for children under 18 months of age. 

Yes, we require that children attend a minimum of 3 days/week and we typically only enroll new children for full time (4-5 days/week). Although we know that some families do not need full time care, we understand the importance of relationships and when most of our children attend full time, it is difficult for part-time children to build strong bonds with us and with the other children in care. 

Yes, we do accept various forms of assitance. However, we operate on a system of pre-paid care so it is the family's responsibility to pay for care until childcare assistance payments are received. (We currenly work with Child Care Aware for military assistance but have worked with various Tribal Assistance programs and the Department of Human Services in the past),

The number of children enrolled at any given time varies. We are licensed to care for up to 14 children at a time. Most of our children are full time, meaning that we rarely have more than 14 children enrolled. 

Yes, there is a $25 enrollment fee per family. There are also fees associated with late payments and/or returned payments. The details of these fees are outlined in our childcare contract. 

Under most circumstances, childcare is not refundable. Your payment holds your spot. 

No, we do not offer any sick or vacation day benefits with our childcare contracts. However, we do not charge you for our vacation or sick time. 

We are not typically open for most holidays, and when a holiday does not fall during our vacation, it is a paid holiday. We also take vacations every year. We do not charge you for our vacation time.

Yes, from Memorial Day Weekend Through Labor Day Weekend we are not open on Fridays. Clients are billed at a daily rate for those weeks. 

Our calendar of closures is posted at least 6 months in advance, and if we need to close for any last minute reason, clients are notified as soon as possible. If we need to close last minute, you are not charged for that care. 

We are typically open on snow days. However, if the power is out we need to follow the guidance from the state if we are not able to keep your children warm and have adequate running water for handwashing. 

Yes, Dane was born in 2002. 

We do not currently have any vacancies. When we do have an opening, we contact families from our waiting list first. You can join our waiting list online by clicking here.

Yes, we serve both breakfast and lunch in addition to serving two snacks daily. We participate in the USDA food program for child care homes. 

We are licensed to care for children from birth through age 12. However, our program primarily cares for children ages 1-5. We do offer care for infants, but in a limited capacity. (We only care for one child under the age of 12 months per adult at a time. This ensures a lower ratio and enables us to provide for the needs of all of the children.) We welcome younger infants in our care when we have the availability. 

Yes! We have 2 dogs- Wallace and Flovis. We also have a red earred slider (turtle) named Bowser. 

This page was last updated on 6/19/2023